21st March 2017

Letter to Richie Mccaw

35 Sherwin Ave Albert Town
Phoenix Apa

Dear Richie Mccaw,

My name is Phoenix Apa from Mount Aspiring College in Wanaka, I play rugby in the 1st XV and have been asked to invite a speaker of my choice to come in and talk for about 10 minutes with time for questions.
I would like to invite you to speak to a class of students who are big fans and would be interested to hear from you. It is a class called pathways that helps students who are uncapable or choose not to do maths and I believe that my class would love to hear from you because you are a big inspiration to us as kiwis. I would love for you to share your achievements and knowledge with us.

If you could get back to me in regards to whether you are interested and to organise a date and time to your suiting.


Phoenix Apa

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  1. Hey Phoenix,

    This letter might very well work if you succeed in coming across as a real person – which is why I think it’s great that you’re first telling him something about yourself – and your aspirations.

    Let me know if you need assistance with this.


  2. Here’s some suggestions:

    Paragraph One: Introduce yourself, the pathways class (they’ll have no idea what that actually is, so you’ll need to explain to them what the class is) and the idea that we’re inviting people we respect into class to meet and ask questions.

    Paragraph Two: Here’s where you explain what the class might gain from getting an insight into your visitor’s life and views about the world, education, real life etc

    Paragraph Three: This is where you talk about when and how the meeting will be organised – offering them the flexibility of a range of different times and providing them with a means of being in contact with you – phone number or email, for example.


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