Main Ideas: Ever since i started school way back in 2005 at primary school ive thought why am i here, i knew how to read, write and understand basic math at the level i was expected to along with most of my classmates so why was i assessed and had teachers calling my parents back […]

bandwagon – something becoming popular and everyone starts doing it. Example: Wearing thrasher texas sharpshooter – continuously talking about the same topic and not focusing on other areas the fallacy fallacy – arguing about a position of the argument   Those people are wearing thrasher and look cool, im going to go buy some thrasher […]

Key moments in the book Guy Montag is a fireman who loves setting fires. He has a wife named Mildred. The 451 from the title is the number on his helmet. Guy Montag meets a 17 year old girl named Clarisse McClellan. She helps him enlighten his life by asking questions about love. Things get […]

Main Argument: (State what your main observation is about the way people modify English when they speak and text) wyd –  Abbreviation for ‘what you doing’ jk – Abbreviation for just kidding JK – JK is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is used in text and simply means ‘just kidding’ it is used as […]

35 Sherwin Ave Albert Town Wanaka, 9305 Phoenix Apa Dear Richie Mccaw, My name is Phoenix Apa from Mount Aspiring College in Wanaka, I play rugby in the 1st XV and have been asked to invite a speaker of my choice to come in and talk for about 10 minutes with time for questions. I […]