Writing Portfolio- Task 3 Creative Writing

In the scene where anton shows up at vincents house, determined to bust him for cheating andrew nicole uses a cross cutting technique to dramatise the scene and create tension. Cross cutting cuts from one action to another as shown in the scene where eugene is climbing the helix stairs in some form conquering his […]

Main Ideas: Intro: Ever since i started school back in 2005 at primary school ive thought why am i here, if i knew how to read, write and understand basic math at the level i was expected to along with most of my classmates why was i assessed and had teachers calling my parents back […]

bandwagon – something becoming popular and everyone starts doing it. Example: Wearing thrasher texas sharpshooter – continuously talking about the same topic and not focusing on other areas the fallacy fallacy – arguing about a position of the argument   Those people are wearing thrasher and look cool, im going to go buy some thrasher […]